Financial disputes can be complex, especially when companies go into liquidation. We offer comprehensive services tailored to professionals like liquidators, lawyers, and accountants who need accurate and verified information to navigate such intricate cases.

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Asset and Person Tracking

Our skilled private investigators can track individuals and assets associated with companies undergoing liquidation, aiding professionals in recovering funds and assets for rightful stakeholders. We trace individuals, such as directors, and their related and associated parties, and we trace assets.


Forensic Accountants Report

Our partnership with forensic auditors allows us to provide in-depth financial analyses that unveil the truth behind financial discrepancies, helping professionals build strong cases.


Verified Content for Reports

We understand the importance of reliable information in crafting reports. We offer verified content that strengthens your case and helps you present accurate findings to stakeholders.


Process Servicing

We specialise in providing a seamless and effective process serving experience coupled with comprehensive investigative services. Our mission is simple yet crucial: to ensure that legal documents reach their intended recipients, even when they attempt to evade service.

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